Value Declaration Labels

     VALEUR DÉCLARÉE Labels of the World

In this study we give a World-wide inventory of all “Valeur Déclarée” labels from our own collection and what has been brought to our attention.  We do not pretend that this is a complete inventory of all existing labels, but is a good start.

 For sending money or other valuables a special VD-service was introduced in the early 1900’s in probably most countries in the World.

Of course there were special regulations:

  • Registration was obligatory
  • Covers and/or parcels had to be sealed by wax or later by self adhesive seals
  • The total value had to be indicated, as in case of loss this amount was refunded

At start a handstamp in the local language, e.g. waarde, warde, insured, etc.  indicated a VD shipment, but very soon labels were introduced and as with other kind of labels: for inland use in the local language and for international use in French and in the local language. As these labels were in most cases printed by different printers in one country colour variances are rather common.

On internation shipments very often 2 labels can be found; one from the country of origin and one from the country of destination, especially when the language is quite different.

In many country special labels were available for parcels. The label consisted of 2 parts: a large label to be fixed on the parcel and the smaller one for the accompaning parcel card, very often with the letters ” V” or “W”. Labels with the letter  “B” were for shipments with contents above a certain value and because of this they needed special treatment.

Bas Kee and Jan C. ter Welle

Autumn 2020

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