Airmail Labels

“Airmail Labels of the World”:
This new edition following the 1991 Mair “Catalogue of Airmail Labels” is currently in work.

The following sections have been completed.

  • Volume I-a, 2018 (North America), 77 p. (Canada, Newfoundland)
  • Volume I-b, 2018 (North America), 58 p. (USA, official issues)
  • Volume I-c, 2018 (North America), 140 p. (USA, airline issues)
  • Volume I-d, 2018 (North America), 173 p. (USA, unofficial issues)
  • Volume I-e, 2018 (North America), 94 p. (USA, unofficial issues)
  • Volume I-f, 2018 (North America), 92 p. (USA, unofficial issues)
  • Volume I-g, 2018 (North America), 149 p. (USA, unofficial issues)
  • Volume II-a, 2019 (Central America), 126 p. (40 countries/regions)
  • Volume II-b, 2019 (South America), 132 p. (16 countries/regions)
  • Volume III, 2020 (Australia/Oceania), ca. 270 p., available soon.

All parts are available as jpg image files in full color from Guenter Mair for a small contribution towards expenses. These files are great for browsing on a tablet computer but can also be printed out.